Anji's Italian Greyhounds

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Past Girls

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Ch Rohan's Ready Set Go Go Go
8-9-1993 ~ 1-25-2010

CHIC # 11072

Pictured at 12 years

Ch Winsapphire Dimitri Debo x Ch Pashtun Private Dancer

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Ch Rohan's Jovani Tamale

CHIC # 11030

Pictures at 9 years

Ch Dasa's Music Man x Ch Loafers Lodge Vixen

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Ch Tudor's Genesis Of Winhaven

CHIC # 11180


Ch Siloas Tudor Futurian x Tudor's My Fair Lady

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Anji's St Felicity

CHIC # 35102

Ch Kimson Laguna Home Run x Ch Anji's St Catherine

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Ready's Offspring
CH Anji's RU Ready For This
Ch Anji's Lakeside Adventure
Ch Anji's Ready For Edventure
Ch Anji's St Philemon
Ch Anji's St Catherine
Anji's St Senan
Anji's St Felix











Maya's Offspring

Ch Anji's St Bardo
Ch Anji's St

















Eve's Offspring

Ch Anji's ION Donato
Ch Anji's Pineridge Nickel Dreams

Ch Anji's St Andrew
Ch Anji's Saturday Night Angel
Ch Anji's St Teresa De Jesus
Anji's St Peter Alexandria









Felicity's Offspring

Ch Anji's St Serguis
Anji's St
Aunaire at Gorene

CH Brio's Anji's Halcyon Days
CH Anji's St Ethelberga
Anji's Brio's Honey