Anji's Italian Greyhounds

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Available Ig's


Available IGs
Currently we have no IGs looking for a home, we expect to have a young adult male or two looking for homes late 2013.  We may be breeding a litter in late 2013.

Policies, Prices & Shipping
All pet puppies must be spayed or neutered.  If for any reason the puppy can not be kept, they must be returned to us. 
We are looking for pet owners that want to become partners in producing healthy, happy and structurally sound Italian Greyhounds.  If you are looking only to spend some money and pick a puppy, no need to read any further, you are not the home we are looking for.  If you are looking for a well bred family companion and want to help insure that there are healthy, happy Italian Greyhounds for your children, then read on.  Yours is the kind of home we are looking for.
You must be willing to stay in contact with us as to be able to make educated decisions on which IGs should be bred, we need to know the health status of their relatives, siblings, aunts/uncles, parents and grandparents. 
We do not ship via cargo.  You will either have to drive or fly to get your puppy or cover my round trip ticket to bring your puppy to you.

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